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Ninja Revenge Overview - Hello Friend's Today i'm going to share the Ninja Revenge Mod Apk Version 1.1.8 Latest Android Action Game Download + Ninja Revenge game Descripition and Ninja Revenge Apk 100% Working download Link for free.

* Ninja Revenge is AN new fun habit forming game in ANDROID OS. With this game you'll be able to see lots of fantastic Ninja Revenge image. Play anger ninja killing each assassin to revenge the dead of his married woman. once they dare to drive a ninja angry there'll solely be blood.
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* This is the story of divmod games latest game Ninja Revenge. In typical ninja fashion you’ll have varied apparently supernatural powers at your disposal and in fact your arsenal of all the classic ninja weapons.

* Ninja Revenge guarantees a real ninja expertise and from what I’ve seen in videos and screenshots it delivers. you're a master of the steel and might do some crazy moves to end off all of your enemies. Of that speaking of enemies there square measure an outsized selection to kill.

* Ninja Revenge for ANDROID OS is incredibly very similar to a contemporary day however mobile Ninja Gaiden game. It’s associate endless facet scrolling action platformer game that could be a terribly drawn-out genre to apply this baby. euphemism I might even decision it associate RPG as a result of you build up your character over the course of the sport.

* All of that's simply however action packed this game is there's just one infinite level and it ne'er changes however there square measure multiple tiers of levels and varied enemy varieties.

* Your character is usually running forwards and you have got 2 ways that to dispatch enemies and find over obstacles. will|you'll|you'll be able to pass over them however you don’t get rewarded with any coins otherwise you can straight up slash them right within the face that will reward you.
* These coins is wont to upgrade your powerups and straight stat boosts that could be a very cool component to place within the game however needs a lot of your time spent grinding out gold. get a handful of coins for each kill you get and you wish five hundred coins to urge your 1st upgrade thus you'll be able to only imagine what proportion of a grind this might need.

* You are a ninja infuriated by the murder of your married woman and out for revenge. you create it your life’s mission to kill each single assassin in your thanks to revenge the death of your married woman. you'll got to cut and slash your means through everybody standing in your means jumping from buildings to buildings and dodging everybody that may take you down.

* The gameplay of Ninja Revenge starts with a comic book book like introduction showing you the story behind the sport. you'll learn that your married woman has been dead by assassins and you're furious by this. you create it your mission to kill any assassin that had something to try to to with the murder of your married woman.

* In Ninja Revenge you play as a ninja running from left to right your screen that happens mechanically. Your goal is to leap and slash your means through obstacles and assassins UN agency square measure standing in your means. There square measure plenty of various assassins some have swords have throwing stars or arrows. The goal in Ninja Revenge is to run as way as attainable while not being taken down by enemies.

* As explicit  on top of there square measure plenty of various assassins in Ninja Revenge UN agency try and block your path and take you down. Some assassins square measure glowing red which suggests that you just got to avoid them as a result of they're stronger then you. once you square measure unable to avoid attacks from your enemies you'll lose a bit of your health points.

* When you square measure out of health points you either have the choice to pay plenty of gold coins to continue running or begin over. The any you run in Ninja Revenge the a lot of gold coins you'll receive. you'll be able to build combos by killing enemy assassins in an exceedingly quick pace. the upper the quantity of combos that you just have created the a lot of gold coins you'll receive.

* In order to be able to pass away to consecutive mission you'll have to be compelled to with success complete many objectives. The objectives typically entail things like killing an exact quantity of assassins assembling an exact quantity of points and running an exact quantity of distance. Once you have got completed the objectives you'll be able to play consecutive mission.

* Progressing through the sport is pretty troublesome and can solely become considerably tougher. the higher you perform throughout your gameplay the a lot of gold coins you'll receive.

* There is just one quite currency in Ninja Revenge that is within the type of gold coins. you'll be able to simply acquire gold coins by enjoying the sport and therefore the any you progress through level the a lot of gold coins you'll receive.

* The amount of gold coins that you just can receive conjointly depends on what percentage assassins you kill before you're taken down yourself. you'll be able to use gold coins to buy plenty of things within the ingame store which can assist you throughout your gameplay and build it easier for you to run any distances together with your ninja character.

* You can use gold coins to buy either Power Ups or Utilities. every power up has 5 levels and starts at five hundred gold coins. for instance you'll be able to upgrade your Attack Speed and Shadow Clones to level one once that you'll got to pay a lot of gold coins to upgrade them to level 2. Upgrading your ninja’s power ups is permanent and can assist you throughout your gameplays. 

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Last Updated
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10,000,000 - 50,000,000
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2.3 and up

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