What is Difference Iphone 5 and 5c Full Comparison Review

Difference Iphone 5 and 5c Head to Head Campare


Apple Iphone 5 and 5c Comparison

Apple's current iPhone line up includes the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c  each undraped throughout a good in Sept 2013. however that of the 2 iPhones is true for you? we tend to explore the variations and similarities between the 2 smartphones in our iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c comparison review to assist you choose that one to shop for.

Mind you  with the iPhone half dozen launch event expected next month difference between iphone 5 and 5c  it'd build lots of sense to carry your horses for simply somewhat longer. in addition as having the choice of shopping for the new iPhone half dozen when Sept  you'll well see costs of existing models drop at identical time.

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Apple Designing

While the Apple iPhone fiveC and iPhone 5 square measure terribly similar handsets in terms of technical specifications  they're worlds apart once it involves style.

Difference between iphone 5 and 5c The iPhone five  very like the iPhone 5  options a chiselled aluminium casing paired with glass inlets  that makes the phone look and desire a premium device. The iPhone five was out there in mere 2 colors  black and white.

The iPhone fives appearance somewhat a lot of just like the iPhone 5  however there's a replacement color option  Gold. that is additionally to the Silver and house gray models. The silver is equivalent to last year's White & Silver possibility  and also the house gray reminds USA of the Black & Slate iPhone five possibility  solely with a lighter shade of C to its back and edges.

We were dubious regarding the gold possibility once the rumours of the iPhone 5 color emerged  and whereas we're still not utterly convinced by it  it is not as 'blingy' as you may imagine.

There square measure eight colors out there across these iPhone ranges  suggesting that there'll be one thing for everybody. It definitely makes a modification  tho' smartphones from rival firms are getting more and more vibrant too.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5c  Cameras

The iPhone 5c offers Associate in Nursing 8Mp camera and also the same f/2.4 aperture because the iPhone fours  and the iPhone 5 . just like the iPhone 5 it sports a Sapphire crystal cap.  This sapphire cowl conjointly featured on the iPhone five  however isn't out there on the iPhone 4s.

Both phones sport a replacement FaceTime HD camera that Apple claims provides higher low light performance and each cameras will take stills whereas recording video.

However  Apple's iPhone 5 has had a major rear camera boost. whereas it remains 8Mp  it options a replacement five element  Apple designed lens with a bigger f/2.2 aperture rather than f/2.4  that helps with indoor and dusky shooting too.

The iPhone 5 may be a nice example of why it is not what number megapixels you've that matters. it is the sensing element that's the foremost vital consider obtaining a good quality shot. The camera's new sensing element features a fifteen per cent larger active space  and also the pixels on this sensing element square measure one.5 microns in size  larger than on the iPhone five and on alternative smartphones. Larger pixels yield bigger electrical output  resulting in clearer pictures in low light conditions while not resorting to untidy noise reduction techniques.

Apple  iPhone 5 vs  iPhone 5C 4G support

On the property front  the iPhone fiveC is basically identical because the iPhone 5 with the Lightning instrumentation  dual band Wi Fi  Bluetooth four.0 and GPS.

A key distinction is support for a lot of 4G LTE  bands. Apple states that iPhone 5C is compatible with engineering and Vodafone's networks within the United Kingdom however O2 confirmed that the smartphone  together with the flagship iPhone 5 can support it's network.

 And an added factor Yes iPhone 5 and 5C can support 4G on O2. a lot of data returning before long.  tweeted O2.

O2 uses identical 800 MHz frequency that 3 can use once it launches its 4G and also the latter is taking registrations for the new iPhones with advertising for 4G thus it's all smart on this front too.

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Apple iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5C  Battery

Apple has given the iPhone fiveC a rather larger battery than the iPhone 5 that may be a issue for it's heavier weight. It provides a lift in battery life  consistent with Apple  of an additional 2 hours of speak time and browsing over 4G LTE and twenty five hours on standby.

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