Real Cricket ™ 16 2.5.3 Apk Data For Android

Real Cricket ™ 16 Apk 2.5.3 Data Zip Download For Android

Real Cricket ™ 16 game

Real Cricket 16 apk is an android mobile game which is available for the users of android in Google Play Store of android smartphones. The game is also available in iOS mobile platform and you can download anytime for an entertainment. The game is soon launch for the android and iOS platform. Real Cricket 16 has been downloaded one crore times in platform of android itself, the rating of the game is 4.1 that makes the game very famous among the users. And the users of the game also shown a great excitement for the game Real Cricket 16.

Real Cricket ™ 16 Game Review

Real Cricket 16 is one of the great cricket game series in the recent memory. Real cricket, latest game just been hit a milestone. Real Cricket 16 is a very intense and such a realistic game for all the lover of cricket. The app of cricket is too real to be a game as it gives you the best experience of playing cricket on your mobile.

Tablets of android will also compatible this Real Cricket 16 game. Android requires 4 version for this app and 1GB RAM and needed processor of 1GHz. Real cricket allows you to select from the various nations and to play with master teams.

In the real cricket just like the players in the game are provided with all the necessary and the high quality of the equipment’s by popular manufactures. As the real cricket all the rules are same; you have an option in the game that you can select your teams and also select the batting first or bowling order and choose the fields placements.

Real Cricket ™ 16 Download

This game Real Cricket ™ 16 is totally free and you can feel free to download because the game is free and can download free from your android google play store. Too many modes are available in the game that make have more fun and give you a special entertainment. Special tournaments available in the game and you can play special tournaments and if you can win the tournament you will get many rewards in the game.

Real Cricket ™ 16 Android

In the game real cricket there are many more equipment’s available that would the real world equipment and also the rules that you will play the game with available rules and you must can play about that rules that can be available in the game. The game has such a stunning graphics. The graphics of the game is such high quality that make your display clear.  While playing this game of real cricket you experience much more and can also experience a game tricks and cover such a unique cricket experience.

With this one of the super game modes you can play in various modes, exhibitions and tournaments. In exciting modes you can play the game and accept all the upcoming challenges. All the challenges, modes and the tournaments are so amazing and exciting that you would be amazed. The experience of the game would be like the one you have experience never.

There are several modes in the game that you can select from
Diverse modes
T20 World Cup mode
Exhibition mode
Master mode
Knock out mode

Real Cricket ™ 16 Download

These are the several modes that make this real cricket video game is one of the best in the business. So many things there are that can make this cricket game to one of the best in the business such as the different modes. This Nautilus Mobile games are very popular among the peoples and such a striking graphic that actually makes you feel playing for real.


In the game further major domestic tournaments will be present. These would include the leagues from an England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the West Indies to name a few. To say needless, the 50 over league is announced in the Indian Domestic but will be coming as an update of future, as well ensuring from every cricketing nation there's something for fans.

Latest Version

The latest version of the game has come up with some of the most interesting elements. You can choose the total 16 nations in the game and including the 8 of teams that are masters in playing. The game has available intuitive touch controls. The graphics of the game is excellent and high quality. The sound system of that is very clear and special system of sound is included in the game. In the business the best 2D animation.

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Real Cricket ™ 16 Apk 2.5.3 Data

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