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DREAM SQUAD Apk 2.2.4 Latest Update Direct Link Download For Android


Dream squad an android entertainment sports game for android mobile sport and soccer. The game dream squad has a full 3D Football management. Dream squad is for the users of android and they can download this game and install in android smartphone. You can play football game in your mobile and enjoy the game. The game is fully high quality graphics and you can enjoy dream squad with worldwide.

Full 3D Football Manager. Free online Football game to enjoy with the Worldwide. Come to pick and catch the Devil. Dream squad game is one of the top Football game that available in the google play store. If you are a big fan of football and you love football so this game is only for you because in the game there are many feature to play football and in the game you can challenge the Best Football Manager Game.


You can play the game against another team, and if you win the game you will get many rewards in the game and after you got many rewards you can unlock your new team mates and open powerful players for your team and can play against another and battle your powerful player against the opposite team. The powerful players that you unlock is much great players and the players you unlock has a special mode that how goal opposite team and confuse the opposite team goal keeper and goal him with a much high kicks and win the game.

Dream league is a real football season in the same way as the local league, included Nation league, European League, Asia League, World league exists and should make every of the effort to climb on the most Top. Offers the best rewards in the top of the league than you must have a good grades. In the game where you must lead your team with good rewards and starting from the lower ranks of a fictional leagues that must high and lead your team to the challenges of European league.


You can enjoy a many variety of football game and many leagues, ranking, friendly and tournaments etc. In the game you can create a completely different player to the methods of training. You can beat an opposite team opponents detailed by tactics, strategies. The club grow continuously that including through the upgrading of the uniforms, stadiums etc. In the game you also can play a friendly match together with you friends and enjoy the game with your friends and make different challenges.

DREAM For Android

In the game you must have make a team, the team you added powerful players for the battle against the opposite team. You create an powerful team and build a team name and unlock the most powerful football players and after you open the players you can add them in your team and make your team most powerful and battle each of the team that include in the game and battle against every opposite team and if you win you get more rewards and unlock many specific things in the game and enjoy with full entertainment.

The team that you can build with you powerful players that must be a same dress, shoes and socks. After you can win the battle against opposite team you can get rewards and coins. And after these coins that you can rewarded by the wining of the battle, these coins you can purchase your full team dresses, their shoes and socks etc. And make your own unique team with your powerful player and battle against each of team that are included in the championship.

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